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Welcome to Doha Dental,

When I had decided to open my dental office in Qatar, I was determined not to compromise even the slightest aspect of the high quality dentistry that I was able to offer my patients at my other five offices in Nebraska, USA. We worked very hard to recruit a great team of doctors and assistants and to secure close partnerships with the best laboratories in the USA and UK to guarantee only the highest quality of porcelain crowns and veneers. We have invested a great deal not only in the equipment and supplies but also in a continuous training and education of all our staff members. And today, my associates and I are very proud to welcome you to the state of the art dental center that Doha Dental became.

What makes Doha Dental different from any other dental clinics is our highly trained team that we were so fortunate to bring together. Dr. DB Austin Little, Dr. Salama Soukkary, Dr. Anish and myself are very committed to treating each of our patients with the same amount of care and attention as we did in our offices in UK and in the USA. As a team we are able to offer a complete spectrum of the most advanced dental procedures and treat even the most complex cases.

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted Dental Office. We hope that you will have a great, stress free dental visit and recommend us to all of your colleagues, friends, and your family.


Dr. Rami Shinnawie,

Founder, Doha Dental