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Doha Braces

Invisalign in Doha

Doha braces

Doha braces

Wearing traditional braces leaves you with a cosmetic decision to make. Sure, crooked teeth aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, but then neither are metal braces, are they? Well, here at Doha Dental, we remove that problem with Invisalign, the system of aligners that is virtually invisible, meaning that you are the only one who knows you’re wearing them. Everyone else remains in the dark.

There are other benefits that you get when you choose Invisalign. Our Doha braces are more comfortable, since they are made out of plastic. There is no concern about mouth soreness or irritation. It’s also removable. You only will take out your aligner when you brush, floss, and eat, but those are big advantages. Your oral hygiene is more efficient, meaning you will be less prone to cavities and gum disease during the course of your orthodontic treatment. And without any frustrating food restrictions, you can eat anything you want, even crunchy and sticky things. The way it works is that instead of messy impressions, digital pictures are taken of your mouth. And all the fashioning of the aligners is done right here, not in a dental lab. With the help of 3-D computer technology, our Doha braces are crafted to precision so that they fit you perfectly. You will wear a new aligner every two weeks, totaling between 12 and 48 depending on your unique circumstances. Your Invisalign aligners steadily move your teeth into a more ideal position as prescribed by our dentist. And when you consider the benefits for properly aligned teeth, including less discomfort, jaws that line up, and making it easier to floss between teeth, it makes sense to feel good about Invisalign.

All you have to do is contact our office and arrange a consultation that will determine if you’re a good candidate for our Doha braces.

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