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Veneers in Doha

Restore your Smile in Doha

Veneers in Doha

Veneers in Doha

Veneers are an excellent option when you have issues with how your teeth look. Everything from chips, cracks, misshapen teeth, discolored teeth, gaps that are too wide between teeth, and poor sizing concerns can all be addressed with our veneers in Doha. Best of all, instead of having to handle each problem individually or each tooth one at a time, we here at Doha Dental can restore your smile in one fell swoop.

Porcelain is a popular and every effective choice of materials for our veneers in Doha. For one thing, it matches the color of your teeth extremely well, meaning that you will have a very natural appearance that will leave you feeling confident when you speak or smile. In addition, porcelain is highly resistant to staining. This is of particular concern if you use tobacco (either smoking or smokeless); you drink tea, coffee, red wine, cola, or other teeth discoloring beverages; or you like to eat curry, soy sauce, or berries. You will find that our porcelain veneers hold up magnificently to stains, allowing you to engage in your favorite habits without worrying.

The process of getting our veneers in Doha begins by scheduling a consultation so that our dentist can determine if you’re a good candidate for them. Most people are. The veneers themselves are thin shells that are placed over the fronts of your teeth. They are created by taking impressions that are sent to the dental lab. There, your veneers will be created to fit you precisely. You will then return to have them fitted to you, adjusted as necessary, and then permanently bonded. There is a small loss of your natural tooth material in order to make room for the veneers. In the end, though, you will have a huge aesthetic improvement in how your teeth look, without extensive, time-consuming, and costly work.

You can look forward to getting many years of use out our veneers in Doha. They are strong, durable, and they look fantastic. Call us today and book an appointment so that you can discuss your cosmetic concerns with our dentist.

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Dentist in Doha

Dental Health Doha

Good dental hygiene focuses on the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease. Our educated staff at Doha Dental encourage proper oral health practices and the important dental hygiene that keeps your teeth and gums healthy. We are dedicated to your healthy smile and will not only explain proper, preventative dental hygiene, but also go over the best ways for you to continue preventing cavities and gum disease at home. Proper flossing, brushing, and the use of rinses and mouthwashes before and after brushing, are great hygiene habits to have and keep up. There are specific preventative dentistry procedures that can be performed by our dentist in Doha, but the best dental hygiene starts at home with a good daily oral routine.

Dental Checkups Doha

Dental Checkups Doha

As experts in the field, the dental hygiene specialists at Doha Dental will consult with you before performing a comprehensive exam to see the state of your overall oral health. To make sure the best dental, as well as general, health is being practiced, our dentist in Doha will do a thorough check of your entire mouth, including lips, tongue, jaw joints, neck lymph nodes, and palate. From this exam, we will have the results and information needed to properly advise you on the type of dental hygiene you should be practicing in order to prevent any future dental issues.

Our dentist in Doha knows that once you have healthy teeth and gums, better self-confidence follows, and a healthy mouth forms a strong basis for overall health and well-being. To make your teeth and gums feel great and look terrific, our dental hygienist will perform a deep cleaning and polishing as part of our preventative care therapy. Depending on the present state of your teeth and gums, our dental hygienist will discuss correct cleaning methods and dental hygiene products appropriate for you. Fluoride treatments are another good preventative procedure that promotes good dental hygiene. Fluoride can also make your teeth much more resistant to tooth decay and is found in most toothpastes. Our focus at Doha dental is your healthy, white smile, as well as the healthy smiles of your entire family.

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Welcome to Doha Dental

Expert Cosmetic Dentist in Doha


What makes Doha Dental different from any other dental clinics is our highly trained team that we were so fortunate to bring together. Dr. DB Austin Little, Dr. Salama Soukkary, Dr. Anish and myself are very committed to treating each of our patients with the same amount of care and attention as we did in our offices in UK and in the USA. As a team we are able to offer a complete spectrum of the most advanced dental procedures and treat even the most complex cases.

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted Dental Office. We hope that you will have a great, stress free dental visit and recommend us to all of your colleagues, friends, and your family.

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