Root Canal in Doha Qatar

Root canal therapy in Doha Qatar

Root canal in Doha Qatar

Root canal in Doha Qatar

At Doha Dental we perform procedures such as a root canal in Doha Qatar for patients who have damaged teeth and tooth roots. If tooth decay has reached a level where the pulp of the tooth has been damaged, root canal therapy is the best way to save it from the need for extraction. A root canal helps to fix the damaged pulp inside a tooth and then clean it before capping it off for protection.

Symptoms that a root canal is needed are inflamed and red gums, tooth pain, infection or infection that leads to abscess. The pulp is the living tissue that keeps a tooth alive, and it can become inflamed or infected for various reasons. There are many different causes of infection, but usually it is a result of tooth decay. Sometimes repetitive dental procedures or tooth damage can also harm the tooth and cause the need for a root canal in Doha Qatar. Cracks, chips and fractures can all contribute to damaged pulp inside a tooth. Gum disease can also be a culprit. Inside the tooth, the pulp that is damaged becomes inflamed, swollen and pressurized, causing pain. If not taken care of, infection can set in, causing an abscess, which can be dangerous.

The root canal in Doha Qatar procedure involves removing the damaged pulp, cleaning the tooth, and sealing it off. A crown or cap is then placed over it to protect the hole. Although it was once known that root canals were long and painful procedures, with advanced in dental technology the entire process can now be done in just a couple of appointments and without pain. Once the root canal is complete, patients can go back to their normal activities and eating and drinking their favorite foods within a few days as the swelling subsides.

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