Wisdom Tooth Removal in Doha Qatar

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Wisdom tooth removal in Doha Qatar

Wisdom tooth removal in Doha Qatar

When your wisdom teeth, or third molars, cause you pain or put your other teeth, your jaws, or surrounding nerves in jeopardy, you will need to have them removed. At Doha Dental, you can count on our expert wisdom teeth removal in Doha Qatar for a safe and effective procedure that is virtually free of pain.

It is commonly thought that wisdom teeth always have to be taken out. This is not so. In some cases, when they grow in properly aligned, there is no need to do anything about them at all. That’s the good news. However, the bad news is that most of the time, they tend to grow in crooked or only partially. The complications that this brings about include impaction, infection, swelling, and (unfortunately) pain, which may be quite severe. Our oral surgeon will do an examination and determine how to proceed. Our wisdom teeth removal in Doha Qatar may have to wait if you have an infection. It is sometimes necessary to take antibiotics prior to the procedure being done. Local anesthesia is used to numb you before the extractions begin. The gum tissue over the teeth will be cut open to gain access to the wisdom teeth. If there is any bone covering the teeth, it will be taken out along with the tissue connecting the bone to the teeth. The teeth may need to be extracted in pieces. Stitches may be required after our wisdom teeth removal in Doha Qatar. Avoid smoking and stick to a soft diet for at least the first 24 hours. Place an ice pack on the outside of your mouth to manage swelling, and use over-the-counter pain relief medication as needed.

When it is unavoidable, our wisdom teeth removal in Doha Qatar can be depended on to be a comfortable process that relieves your pain and rids you these unwanted and troublesome teeth. Call us right away when you feel them growing in.

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